Monday, March 26, 2018

Sailing for Sport or Life Skills?

Photo courtesy of Treasure Island Sailing Center
Around the bay, people who love to sail are sharing the sport with young people. Tucked into marinas and coves, and working out of portable classrooms and small offices, yacht club volunteers and nonprofit staff are working hard to get youth out on the bay in sailboats.

They don’t volunteer their time or work long hours because they want to make sailors out of the kids. They believe that getting a kid on the water, even for a few hours, has value...
Photo courtesy of  Mary Rutz, Call of the Sea

Read my latest for Estuary News about getting young people out on the bay in sailboats. The article is presented in a slideshow with pictures from sailing schools for Bay Area youth.

As a geographer, I can't help but love this photo of young people working with a map.