San Francisco Bay

CDFW has patrolled the San Francisco Bay for 50 years, and the work is still dangerous
Estuary News, Oct 2021

Jack and Charmian London feast on the bay circa 1910
Estuary News, Sep 2020

Jack London aboard the Roamer
Photo courtesy of The Huntington Library, San Marino, C

A group of women walk the entire San Francisco Bay Trail,
one segment, and one Sunday, at a time

Suisun City is no island

Saving the Dotson Family Marsh
Los Angeles Times, Aug 6, 2006

View of Mount Tamalpais from the Dotson Family Marsh
Photo by Aleta George

What will happen to the islands in the bay as sea levels rise?

Camp Reynolds at Angel Island State Park
Photo courtesy of Angel Island Conservancy

Time Travel on the Bay

The Golden Gate Bridge is ready for her anniversary close-up

Land around the bay

Waves of grain, breadmaking in the time of COVID

Right-of-Play: The Rails-to-Trails Junction

Wishful thinking about landfills

Fire and rain: The perils of an unbalanced watershed

More flora and fauna

Take these broken wings: A scientist goes all out for tri-colored blackbirds

Scientists lure Caspian terns to the San Francisco Bay

Gorgeous portraits of spineless sea creatures

A butterfly species settles in San Francisco's Market Street

Red Mural, by Amber Hasselbring
Image courtesy of the artist

Artist creates artificial fog in San Francisco

Pioneer stock: Finding the ivory-billed woodpecker of the plant world

A few favorites

Earth Day at 50: Mulling the Blue Marble's next half century

Whose space? Our space! Voicing democracy on the public commons

Poetry and Activism Undammed
(originally appeared in Divide: Creative Responses to Contemporary Social Questions, Issue #3, Art and Politics)

Biographical sketch of Edna Dixon (1894-1924)
Biographical Database of  Militant Woman Suffragists, 1894-1924

At home with mushroom collector David Arora

Conservations who hunt describe their connection to nature

Words on the page and stage

Hershey Felder: A master entertainers food journeys

The play's the thing

Poetic Gesture

I won an Alan Jutzi Fellowship from The Huntington--Who is Alan Jutzi anyway?

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