Thursday, December 20, 2018

Saltwater Revival

Brad Robinson swimming in the San Francisco Bay.
Photo by Fran Hegeler
I'm an avid swimmer, though I mostly swim in a pool. My experiences with open-water swimming have primarily taken place in the safety of a summer lake.

I tried swimming in the San Francisco Bay twice while wearing a half wet suit, hood, and booties. I still had trouble catching my breath.

I want to try again, especially after interviewing Fran Hegeler and Brad Robinson for my latest article in Estuary News. The piece profiles these South End Rowing Club swimmers, and the joy they get from swimming in the bay, despite its perils.

Read it here.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Proud of California redwoods

Dwarfed by giants on the Vineyard Trail
at Jack London State Park.
Photo by Aleta George
Scientists recently learned that old-growth redwood forests store at least three times more carbon above ground than any other forest on earth.

The scientists working with Save the Redwoods League on the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative want to know if that holds true for second- and third-growth forests, too.

Read more about redwoods and climate change in my latest for the Bay Area Monitor.